Staunton Chessmen

Own a genuine registered Staunton set bearing the name "STAUNTON CHESSMEN".

In 1849 Nathanial Cooke (misspelled as “Cook” on the patent document) registered the design and asked chess champion Howard Staunton to use his name for the design and sign the first 500 sets. Mr. Cooke then commissioned Jaques of London to produce them.  

Originally registered March 1, 1849 No. 58,607, 5 & 6 Vict. cap. 10 in England. 

Included, is a limited, numbered, Certificate of Authenticity signed by Corky Stanton, The President of



Best Staunton Set Ever Made

When this set was still in production, photos were shared with many top collectors and they all agree it is the most accurate 1849 Jaques-Cooke set ever produced and the best they have ever seen. No one else has this design and quality.  It knocks spots of ANY other Staunton set to date, period!



Testimonial: ... I believe my hands were shaking as I unwrapped each piece. - Jim R. 

Avid chess collector and tournament player, Corky Stanton, has been producing chess products for over 30 years, with 100% customer satisfaction on eBay since 1998. He said, "I want to produce the perfect chess set that I myself would want to own. Other Staunton chess sets overcharge for less quality without a case or board.  I want it to look like a new, original 1849 Staunton Chessmen chess pieces, but with added durability and protection, in a case with soft felt, plus two extra queens for pawn promotion. The box proudly displays a hand carved brass plaque, with raised letters of the original Howard Staunton’s signature forever preserved. Also included is the most prestigious chessboard, keeping the three types of wood, with the raised lip on the border, to enhance the beauty and originality.” So, It was orchestrated into reality for all to enjoy.

  Staunton Chessmen were used in 1849 tournaments and are still used today in virtually all chess tournaments all over the world.  Any other design or modification of the original authentic Staunton Chessmen is frowned upon at tournaments. Staunton patterned Chessmen are indicated by the king’s crown stamped on one of the knights and rooks as originally manufactured by Jaques of London. The company remains in business today, although they no longer manufacture Staunton Chessmen. 

  Our sets are hand made with precision and skill, always using the best quality woods. Although it has undergone a structural integrity makeover to increase durability, it is still recognized and accepted throughout the world as the most authentic looking, timeless, 1849 Staunton Chessmen, as promoted by World Chess Champion, Howard Staunton. 

  We strictly use premium, top of the line ebony and extra hard boxwood, to exude strength and beauty.  Unlike other companies, we do not "ebonise", stain, use dyes or try to give it an artificial “patina” look. We use natural, not "antiqued" boxwood. It actually looks like the real set you would have gotten when it was new in 1849 but more durable.  We use a new weighting system that prevents your chessmen from developing hairline cracks and is bottom heavy for quick play.  The pieces are full club size for tournaments. The king is 4.4" height, allowing it to fully meet both USCF and FIDE tournament rules. Also included, is a limited, signed and numbered, Certificate of Authenticity.  

  The most famous of the ornamental woods, genuine ebony, is a luxurious hardwood, that, although it appears to be pure black, it actually has a very subtle and beautiful wood grain. Solid throughout, so the color will always be maintained for centuries, without ever wearing off.

  The set comes with a beautiful carved brass plaque, with raised letters, certifying authenticity, mounted on the top and inside cover of the felt lined case.

  This beautiful professional chessboard, which is not gaudy, really enhances the playing environment. The board is the highest quality possible, also designed to replicate the color and design of the chessboards from 1849, but using solid woods. Premium maple and walnut with a mahogany border like the original 1849 board, now has the popular raised border like the ones used in 1849 and shown in the last photo of the full board. Available exclusively through us. Built to last for generations.  The chessboard measures 23" square x 3/4" thick, squares of 2.5". 

  The whole presentation is aesthetically pleasing in every sense of the word, giving rise to a new standard of excellence, appreciated by true chess players. These chessmen will be the envy of all your opponents. Part of the fun is that you not only own it, but you become a caretaker of it for future generations. As an heirloom set, the warranty is passed on to future owners for added value, simply by owning it. The set is extremely beautiful as a centerpiece for your home or office, or a perfect dream gift to any avid chess player. 

  We offer a lifetime replacement warranty against any factory defects, hairline cracks, blemishes, etc. This is passed on to future owners of the set.  Reasonable examples of things not covered are pieces that are lost, chewed by the dog, dropped, left out too long in the sun, water damage or use of harsh chemicals for cleaning.  Extra pieces can be purchased. 30 day money back satisfaction guaranteed. 

NOTE: The first ten numbered limited edition sets have the highest investment value and are offered by us at a one time opportunity.


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I realize completely the strength of this word ... but how, if we are honest, would it be possible to use another. 

Only this word characterizes the accuracy and precision of the qualities worn by these pieces ... whether technical or aesthetic. 

This replica of the "Staunton 1849 Registered Chessmen" is the proof that, with determination and perseverance, it is possible to revive what many collectors consider to be the ultimate chess pieces. 

Finally: there are chess pieces that really satisfy us in the depths of our expectations. 

Many thanks to Carl Miceli from and Corky Stanton from for having know how to (re) create such Perfection. 

PS: I had almost forgot... is included a splendid and elegant coffer, a real wonder ;) 

Hervé T.

Verified Reviewer


Hi Corky,

A Decade-Long Hunt has Ended with an Heirloom Quality Set that will Bring my Family Joy for Generations.

Christmas came in May!!! I want to first start out by saying that Mr. Stanton who has partnered with Official Staunton, showed me IMPECCABLE customer service, answering my myriad questions. The massive heavily protected box carried smaller boxes holding my chess pieces and the coffer. I was blown away with the painstaking care given to just ensuring the items were safe in transit. The red burl coffer with brass plaques, fittings, and skeleton keys is beautiful; A coffer truly worthy of housing these wooden treasures. 

The ebony and boxwood pieces are simply remarkable. Details are so meticulous and the wood is beautiful. After finally holding these pieces in hand, it makes sense to me that it would take a skilled artisan 40 plus hours just to carve one set. From the knights to even the pawns, the latter of which are often neglected, were finished with painstaking detail. The dark ebony is truly untreated and if the light catches it right, you can see the beautiful dark grain come through. 

I think it’s worth highlighting that Official Staunton has partnered with, also a leader in luxury sets. Together, they have put out this set and I'm simply amazed at the quality. For the same style set, I would have had to pay three times this price on a competitor's site (and that I'm not joking) that I'm still not convinced would carry the quality this set holds. 

A lifetime warranty reflects that these pieces are designed to hold up for generations. I have literally been searching for a high-end chess set for over a decade and for a variety of reasons, have held off, that is until now.

Take care and again thank you so much!!!


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